A Film by George Paul Csicsery

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Reviews & Upcoming Screenings of Navajo Math Circles

National Museum of the American Indian in Washington, DC, screens Navajo Math Circles on Saturday, May 4, at 4:30 p.m. Filmmaker George Csicsery, along with Natanii Yazzie, a Navajo student featured in the film, and Dr. Tatiana Shubin will be present. The film will screen in the Rasmuson Theater at the Smithsonian Institution museum. Admission is free.

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Michael Begay attended several math circle programs at his high school before attending the Math Camp at Diné College.
Photo by George Csicsery (provided by Vision Maker Media)

Hundreds of Navajo children in recent years have found themselves at the center of a lively collaboration with mathematicians from around the world. The children stay late after school and assemble over the summer to study mathematics, using a model called math circles, which originated in Eastern Europe and has proliferated across the United States. This notion of student-centered learning puts children in charge of exploring mathematics to their own joy and satisfaction, with potentially long-lasting results. Navajo Math Circles, a one-hour film, documents this process over a two year period. Read More...

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