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Julia Robinson and Hilbert's Tenth Problem
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Home movies of David Hilbert filmed in the 1920s by Richard Courant
courtesy of Ernest Courant

Archival footage of mathematical presentation in Russia,
film of Julia Robinson,
and Yuri Matiyasevich childhood photos
courtesy of Yuri Matiyasevich

Archival footage from 1950 - 1956
courtesy of Absolutely Archives

Still photos of Julia Robinson,
Constance Reid, Arizona, Point Loma,
and San Diego by Ralph Bowman
courtesy of Constance Reid

Hilbert Radio Address
courtesy of Gunther Cornelissen

Photo of 1955 Caltech Number Theory Conference
courtesy of Tom Apostol

Davis, Matiyasevich, Robinson photo
courtesy of Louise Guy

Additional still photos courtesy of
Sigmund Csicsery
Martin Davis
Hilary Putnam
Anita and Solomon Feferman

Mathematical Consultants
Keith Devlin
James Carlson
David Eisenbud
Ron Graham
Klaus Peters
Bjorn Poonen
Ken Ribet
Dana Scott
Charles L. Silver
Alice Silverberg

Rabbit Wrangler
Kasey Peterson

Web Design
Jayne Basques

Graphic Artist
Stanley De Passos

Made possible in part by a grant from
Margaret & Will Hearst

Major Funding
The Clay Mathematics Institute

Additional Support
The Mathematical Sciences Research Institute
American Institute of Mathematics
The Exploratorium
American Mathematical Society
Helen Moore
Anne Blachman
Nancy Blachman
David Lawrence Desjardins, Jr.
Barry Jablon
And many others...

Additional Thanks to
Lida Barrett
Mike Breen
Christa Carter
EyeMagic Productions
Jonathan D. Farley
Film Arts Foundation
Jan Van Geel
Glenn Hurlbert
Beau Janzen
Liz Keim
Barbara Lee Keyfitz
Ruth Kolodney
David Liddle
Larisa Lieberman
Scott Mahoy
Maggie Malyn
Hedvig Mohácsy
Megan Morris
Anne O'Toole
Dr. Homer Peabody
Konrad Polthier
Dan Reid
Peter Salamon
San Diego High School
San Francisco Soundworks
Robert Schutz
Gail Silva
Molly Smith
Molly Walker
Jill Woo

Special Thanks to
Screen Actors Guild


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