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DANIEL DIXON is the elder son of two giants of the American art world, photographer DOROTHEA LANGE and painter of the Southwest MAYNARD DIXON. CHILD OF GIANTS: My Journey with Maynard Dixon and Dorothea Lange is the story of a child who learns that his birthright comes with gifts and curses... the story of every child who must find his own path from under the shadow of formidable parents.

George Csicsery is proud to have worked as Supervising Producer on this insightful and exciting documentary about several exceptional characters who left indelible marks on the history of 20th century America.

Praise for Child of Giants: "Genius is readily appreciated on a gallery wall or around a dinner table, but it can be hard going in the role of parent. That's one lesson learned from "Child of Giants," a son's-eye view of two iconic 20th-century American artists, painter Maynard Dixon and photographer Dorothea Lange. Tom Ropelewski's docu affords a skillful overview of their work and influence while measuring the toll taken on impressionable young minds they tried to mold in their own image. Artscasters rep a natural destination before a long classroom shelf life."
— Daily Variety

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